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All-American Restaurant …

with Italian Roots

Enter our restaurant in New Buffalo and you’ll instantly experience a sense of belonging, reminiscent of a family gathering. This is the secret behind our four-decade-long success in the restaurant business, and the reason our patrons return time and again. Join us for a delectable meal today. Buon appetito!

Our culinary creations have not only captivated our loyal customers but have also garnered prestigious accolades. The menu offers a fusion of traditional and contemporary American cuisine. From juicy burgers to fresh seafood, we cater to diverse palettes. You’ll also notice a few Italian specialties from our family of Italian restaurants.

Our award-winning menus are a testament to our dedication to offering an extraordinary dining experience. Masterfully crafted by our skilled chefs, each dish showcases the freshest local produce and innovative recipes, winning hearts and awards alike. Whether it’s our signature dish or a seasonal special, every plate tells a delicious story.

Since 1995

Our History

How it all started

Born Santo Damico in 1935, Sonny D was a vibrant and altruistic individual deeply rooted in Chicago's South Side. His charismatic personality, love for family, and joy in sharing home-cooked meals defined him. He dedicated his life to peddling fresh produce around his local community.

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